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Patches for core Magento2

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1.1.0 2022-07-21 16:05 UTC


This module makes it easier for a Magento 2 merchant to apply patches in a manner which adheres to standard Composer workflow and most deployment pipleline methodologies.

Core Magento Security patches are split and re-defined so that they can be applied properly using Composer Install.

Installation Instructions

composer require zero1limited/magento2-patches
composer require cweagans/composer-patches:^1.6.5
php bin/magento module:enable Zero1_Patches

Installing/Applying a Patch

php bin/magento patch:list
php bin/magento patch:add --patch=MDVA-43395
composer install

Current Patches available

In order to apply the patch please run the above commands passing the patch name (in bold below) after the --patch= as shown above.


If you need to apply a Magento patch which is not currently listed please reach out at and we will promtly incorporate the patches into this module.

ZERO-1 manage the applicable patches for free but feel free to submit comments or Pull Requests!