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API client for capmonster.cloud

v1.3.5 2023-09-11 06:13 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-03-22 09:52:39 UTC



    include './client/Client.php';
    include './client/src/captcha/ImageToText.php';
    include './client/src/captcha/RecaptchaV2.php';
    include './client/src/captcha/HCaptcha.php';
    $client = new Client("your_client_key");

    //solve image captcha
    $body = "base64_captcha_image";
    $imageRequest = new ImageToTextRequest($body);
    $imageResult = $client->solve($imageRequest);
    //solve Recaptcha 2 (without proxy)
    $websiteURL = "https://lessons.zennolab.com/captchas/recaptcha/v2_simple.php?level=high";
    $websiteKey = "6Lcg7CMUAAAAANphynKgn9YAgA4tQ2KI_iqRyTwd";
    $recaptchaV2Request = new RecaptchaV2Request($websiteURL, $websiteKey);
    $recaptchaV2Result = $client->solve($recaptchaV2Request);
    // solve HCaptcha (without proxy)
    $websiteUrl = "https://lessons.zennolab.com/captchas/hcaptcha/?level=easy";
    $websiteKey = "472fc7af-86a4-4382-9a49-ca9090474471";
    $hcatpchaRequest = new HCaptchaRequest($websiteURL, $websiteKey);
    $hcaptchaResult = $client->solve($hcatpchaRequest);

Response format

The result of the solve method always contains two fields: bool result, a request success indicator, and a mixed message field containing a text description of the error or an object of a successful response from the server.

Supported captchas