A package that tries to figure out what resources an HTML document links to.

0.1.0 2017-11-14 15:31 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-17 00:52:37 UTC


The LinkExtractor tries to figure out what resources an HTML document links to.

This tries to solve 2 questions:

  1. what constitutes a link between an HTML document and another resource, and
  2. how to supply them in a useful (resolved) format.

The class is able to get (and resolve) every URL from a pre-parsed DOM in accordance with where the HTML5 specification allows URLs to be defined. The HTML5 specification is followed after a GitHub discussion about what a link is, and further in person discussion at IWC Berlin 2017.

Using versions < 1.0

The current function prototypes are the same as those that will be in 1.0.0. This means you can write the method calls in your code right now and update to 1.0.0 without breaking any of your calls later.

function extract(): array
function linksTo(string $url): bool

If you rely on specific output or exceptions from these methods however, there might be breaking changes before version 1.0.0. Take a look at the roadmap to version 1.0.0 to get an idea of what is likely to still be changed.

Don’t wait for 1.0.0 with using this library if you need it! Instead, start using it and leave the ever-important feedback.


Via Composer

$ composer require zegnat/linkextractor


// Parse an HTML file into a DOMDocument somehow, e.g.:
$dom = new \Zegnat\Html\DOMDocument();
// Now initiate the extractor:
$extractor = new \Zegnat\LinkExtractor\LinkExtractor($dom, 'http://example.com/index.html');


The BSD Zero Clause License (0BSD). Please see the LICENSE file for more information.