A collection of functions that provide utility functionality for WordPress.

5.0.6 2021-11-09 15:20 UTC


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Utility functions that make life just a little bit easier.


db_transaction( $callable, $args = [] )

Run the given callback within a database transaction, rolling back the transaction if an error occurs.

get_raw_option_value( $key )

Performs a very direct, simple query to the WordPress Options table that bypasses normal WP caching.

get_id_from_slug( $slug, $post_type = 'post', $force = false )

Performs a lookup for a post given a slug.


Perform a reverse lookup for a meta key based on a meta value.



Use this when you know an ACF field key and a post ID, but the field is within a group.

is_acf_loadable() (Deprecated)

Check to see if ACF is loadable and if ACF_LITE is true.


generate_unique_username( $username )

Appends a counter to the given username which is incremented until there is no user with that username.



Returns the current URL.


Returns the current URL, but without query args.

get_user_display_name( $user_id )

Easily get the user display name by the user ID.

get_env_value( $key, $filter = null )

Helper function to check for an environmental variable in a variety of places: $_ENV (for setting via .env.php files), Constant (for setting via a define() call), Filter, utilizing a passed in filter

remove_filters_for_anonymous_class( $hook_name = '', $class_name = '', $method_name = '', $priority = 10 )

Remove a filter/action from an anonymous class


Checks if SVG file exists before grabbing its contents


Gets a DateTime object set to WordPress's local timezone


Get a DateTimeZone object that is set to the site's local timezone.

init_term( $slug, $taxonomy )

Checks for and returns a term by the slug. Initializes the term if it does not yet exist.

Behaviors / Filters

These must be initiated by creating the \Zeek\WP_Util\Behaviors() class.


By default, disable file modifications (plugin adding, deleting, theme file editing, etc). Override with an env constant: FILE_MOD_ALLOWED.