Implementation of zbateson/crypt-interface using pear/Crypt_GPG

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Implementation of zbateson/crypt-interface using pear/Crypt_GPG. This library is intended for use with zbateson/mail-mime-parser to integrate encryption, decryption, signing, or verification with the mail-mime-parser library.

The library isn't intended to abstract pear/Crypt_GPG, and so it's expected that any required setup is performed using pear/Crypt_GPG's APIs directly. Click here for pear/Crypt_GPG's documentation.

NOTE: this library is still a work-in-progress, and its usage in zbateson/mail-mime-parser hasn't yet been completed.

To include it for use in your project, please install via composer:

composer require zbateson/gpg-pear


crypt-interface requires PHP 5.4 or newer.


// see Pear's documentation for setup instructions
$pear = new Crypt_GPG([ 'homedir' => '/path/to/dir' ]);

// ...
// specify keys to use, etc...
// ...

$gpgPear = new GpgPear($pear);

// pass it to ZBateson\MailMimeParser

// ... stay tuned


BSD licensed - please see license agreement.