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Retry failed operations

0.1.4 2024-01-05 15:50 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-05 16:41:08 UTC



Simply run function Zarganwar\FailureRetryExecutor\FailureRetryExecutor::execute() with your command as first argument

Zarganwar\FailureRetryExecutor\FailureRetryExecutor::execute(fn() => someFunction());

Your function will be executed and if it fails (throws an Exception or returns false), it will be executed again. Max. default retries is 3. Of course, you can change it by passing maxAttempts: int argument.

    command: fn() => someFunction(),
    maxAttempts: 99,

You can also respond to the command result or failure by passing onSuccess: callable or/and onFailure: callable arguments.

    command: fn() => someFunction(),
    onSuccess: fn($result /* Your callable command result */) => doSomething($result),
    onFailure: fn(Throwable $throwable) => log($throwable),

Example of usage:

// Some HTTP client
$client = new Client();
$logger = new Logger();

    command: fn() => $client->get(''),
    onSuccess: function(ResponseInterface $response): void 
        if ($response->getStatusCode() !== 200) {
            throw new Exception("Server responded with status code {$response->getStatusCode()} instead of 200");
    onFailure: fn(Throwable $throwable) => $logger->log($throwable),
    maxAttempts: 5,