A module designed to reduce the potentially thousands of Thank You pages that can be sometimes needed for large sites

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If you're tired of having to continuously create dozens of different "Thank You" pages than thankfully this module exists!

With this module you can easily create a "Thank You" page that is configurable in the CMS for any page type that you assign this module to.


  • Page creates itself under the parent on dev/build
  • Query string support for conversion tracking etc, configurable from the CMS


Installation is supported via composer only:

$ composer require zanderwar/silverstripe-thankfully ~2.0

Run a dev/build afterwards


  1. Open your mysite/_config.php file
  2. Add:
  3. Run a ?flush=1
  4. Open the page that has ContactPage (in this example) as the type within the CMS and you will now see a "Thank You" tab

In your controller (in this example ContactPage_Controller) you now have access to the method $this->getThankYouPage() which you can then immediately return $this->redirect($this->getThankYouPage()->Link()). This would most commonly be done in a form processing method

If the page title and/or content is not set in the page with the extension, it will fallback to the values set in the Thank You (Generic) that the dev/build created in the root of your site tree, if no defaults are configured, then the visitor will get a bit of an ugly experience


class ExamplePage_Controller extends Page_Controller {

    private static $allowed_actions = array(

    public function index()
        /** @var ThankfullyPage $thankYou */
        $thankYou = $this->getThankYouPage();
        $thankYou->setAllowed(true); // Required if "Always Allowed" is disabled in the CMS
        $thankYou->setReturnTo('/home/'); // Optional, if not provided the link to the parent page will be used

        return $this->redirect($thankYou->Link());


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