A reversible base62 ID obfuscater.

1.3.0 2017-02-07 15:14 UTC

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A reversible base62 ID obfuscater


Originally by Jacob DeHart, with Ruby and Python ports by Kyle Bragger

Now maintained by Zack Kitzmiller.


Install via Composer

    "require": {
        "zackkitzmiller/tiny": "1.2.0"


$tiny = new \ZackKitzmiller\Tiny('5SX0TEjkR1mLOw8Gvq2VyJxIFhgCAYidrclDWaM3so9bfzZpuUenKtP74QNH6B');

echo $tiny->to(5);
// E

echo $tiny->from('E');
// 5

echo $tiny->to(126);
// XX

echo $tiny->from('XX');
// 126

echo $tiny->to(999);
// vk

echo $tiny->from('vk');
// 999


You must instanciate a new instance of Tiny with a random alpha-numeric set where each character must only be used exactly once. Do NOT change this once you start using Tiny, as you won't be able to reverse.

You can generate a random set from the commandline with $ ./bin/genset

Using laravel?

If you're using laravel and want to use a more laravel-like and cleaner syntax you only have to follow these steps.

First open your app/config/app.php file and scroll down to your providers and add

'providers' => array(

and then this to aliases

'aliases' => array(
    'Tiny' => 'ZackKitzmiller\Facades\Tiny',

Lastly you run php artisan config:publish zackkitzmiller/tiny to publish the configuration file and then run php artisan tiny:generate to create a valid key.

Usage in Laravel

echo Tiny::to(999);
// echos vk

echo Tiny::from('E');
// echos 5