simple tcp framework

v0.0.1 2022-03-11 06:09 UTC

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Last update: 2023-01-11 08:27:24 UTC


This work comes into being while I learning php multi process coding in my spare time, of course there would be some thoughtless bugs, so please do not use this in your production environment, it's basically just a multi processes tcp framework for now if you allow me. But still if you want to know anything about this work, feel free to email me at alwayslinger@163.com. There are also lots of todos here, if you want to be part of this,you can help me with it. Next version I will reduce the usage of closure cause it's scope problem kind of tricky for me.


  • daemon mode
  • timer support
  • multi ports listen
  • additional event driver implement
  • udp, http, ws and support
  • ...


# test for c10K
# server
php bin/chaser.php start

# 10K clients  just take advantage of swoole coroutine tcp client
php tests/multiclient.php