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This bundle provides an Web interface to OpenVPN Management interface throught Telnet

1.0 2014-03-05 10:04 UTC


This bundle will create a web interface to a telnet interface of an OpenVPN server, for Symfony Application. This interface will show all the user connected to a VPN server and you wil also have the possibility to log out user.


You need to add a package to your dependency list :


Then you will need a composer update:

composer update "yunai39/openvpn-management-bundle"

Dont forget to add the Bundle to the kernel

new Yunai39\Bundle\OpenVPNManagementBundle\OpenVPNManagementBundle(),

And also add the following routing:

    resource: "@OpenVPNManagementBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"
    prefix:   /openvpn


You can add multiple server, but you need to add a list one. Your OpenVPN server must be configured to use a telnet interface.

		name: server name
		telnet_port: your_port
		telnet_password: *****
openvpn.conf.reload: 5 # Every 5 minutes the page will be reloaded

You will also need to add openvpn.conf.reload as a twig global like this

    	openvpn_conf_reload: %openvpn.conf.reload%

As for custom css, the main div containing the information about, every single serveur has the class openvpn_info_main, each table is openvpn_info_table and the information at the bottom is openvpn_info_bottom. For the page to be relod every time to create a base.html.twig who has a meta block as the index extends '::base.html.twig'

The to access you server info go to the page /openvpn/infoS.


Error Handling Add with or withour a password