PHP library for interacting with weixin api.

1.0.1 2015-12-17 03:02 UTC


This library is deprecated and not maintained, use overtrue/wechat instead.

This library is part of Project Golem, see yoozi/golem for more info.

Weixin is a Laravel package for interacting with 微信公众平台.



You can install this library via Composer:

$ composer require yoozi/weixin --save

Or declare in the composer.json:

  "require": {
    "yoozi/weixin": "dev-master"

and install it:

$ composer install



Before using this package, you have to publish the configuration file via:

$ php artisan config:publish yoozi/weixin

And it will create a configuration file in your-project/app/config/packages/yoozi/weixin/.

You should setup your weixin account information in weixin.php:

name description
token server side token (required)
app_id your weixin account app id (required)
app_secret your weixin account app secret key (required)
end_point weixin server event receive endpoint (required)

Service & Facades

To enable this package, you should add this following lines to config/app.php:

return array(

    'providers' => array(
        // Illumniate stuffs...

        // Add weixin provider here:

    'aliases' => array(
        'Request'        => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\Request',
        // Be sure change the Response facade to weixin's:
        'Response'       => 'Yoozi\Weixin\Facades\Response',
        'Route'          => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route',
        // Illuminate stuffs...
        'URL'            => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\URL',
        'Validator'      => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\Validator',
        'View'           => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\View',

        // Add weixin facades here:
        'WeixinInput'    => 'Yoozi\Weixin\Facades\WeixinInput',
        'WeixinRouter'   => 'Yoozi\Weixin\Facades\WeixinRouter',
        'WeixinMessage'  => 'Yoozi\Weixin\Facades\WeixinMessage',
        'OAuthClient'    => 'Yoozi\Weixin\Facades\OAuthClient',
        'WeixinClient'   => 'Yoozi\Weixin\Facades\WeixinClient',



Weixin will provide you:

  • a router for binding server event callback,
  • a weixin client for interacting with api.weixin.qq.com,
  • a OAuth client for performing OAuth login.

Bind Events

In routes.php:

// Bind a text event.
WeixinRouter::bind('text', 'MyWeixinEventHandler@text');

// Bind a music event.
WeixinRouter::bind('music', 'MyWeixinEventHandler@music');

// Bind a subscribe event.
WeixinRouter::bindEvent('subscribe', 'MyWeixinEventHandler@subscribe');
// This is equivalent to:
WeixinRouter::bind('event:subscribe', 'MyWeixinEventHandler@subscribe');

// Bind a click event.
WeixinRouter::bindClick('a_key', 'MyWeixinEventHandler@clickAKey');
// This is equivalent to:
WeixinRouter::bindEvent('click:a_key', 'MyWeixinEventHandler@subscribe');
// And:
WeixinRouter::bind('event:click:a_key', 'MyWeixinEventHandler@subscribe');

// Bind a view event.
WeixinRouter::bindView('http://google.com', 'MyWeixinEventHandler@visitGoogle');

// Bind a default event.

In MyWeixinEventHandler.php:

class MyWeixinEventHandler
    public function text()
        $sender = WeixinInput::get('tousername');
        $receiver = WeixinInput::get('fromusername');

        $messge = WeixinMessage::text($receiver, $sender, 'Hello, world!');

        return Response::xml($message);

    // Handle other events...

Weixin Client

Weixin client can be used to:


// Notes:
//  You should store this access token in the cache or somewhere else
//  for reuse later.
$accessToken = WeixinClient::getAccessToken();
$openId = 'an_user_openid';

var_dump(WeixinClient::getUserInfo($openId, $accessToken));

OAuth Client

Weixin OAtuth client provides you:

  • generate authorize url with callback
  • retrieve access token with OAuth code
  • retrieve user's basic profile with access token


// Redirect user to $authorizeUrl and receive the OAuth code ($code)
$authorizeUrl = OAuthClient::getAccessUrl($codeReceiveUrl);

// Get access token from code
$accessTokenAndOpenId = OAuthClient::getAccessToken($code);
$accessToken = $accessTokenAndOpenId['access_token'];
$openId = $accessTokenAndOpenId['openid'];

// Get user profile
var_dump(OAuthClient::getUserInfo($openId, $accessToken));