This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the yogarine/crayta-stub-generator package instead.

Lua stubs for Crayta

v2.1.1 2021-08-30 16:15 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-11-14 16:09:19 UTC


Lua stub generator for the Crayta API Docs.

Crayta is a Free Game Creation Game. Go check it out here: (



Add this package to your project by running composer require yogarine/crayta-stub-generator or install it globally using composer global require yogarine/crayta-stub-generator.


Run vendor/bin/create-crayta-stubs from your project dir, or create-crayta-stubs if installed globally, to generate the stubs. They will be placed in the stubs subdirectory of the current working directory.


Updating the LuaDocs xml files (using Legendary)

  1. Install and configure Legendary (see

    • Installation on macOS:
      1. brew install python3.9
      2. pip3 install legendary-gl
    • Configuration:
      1. legendary auth
  2. Run legendary list-games to get the proper app name:

    legendary list-games

    The app name might be a 32 character hash like a0a49d82e3f64c1b81873397a6e92f09.

  3. Install the app with the given app name:

    legendary install a0a49d82e3f64c1b81873397a6e92f09
  4. Copy over de LuaDocs.

    cp -af ~/legendary/Crayta/Crayta/Content/LuaDocs/* LuaDocs/


This project isn't officially affiliated with Crayta, nor it's developer, Unit 2 Games, in any way. Crayta is a registered trademark and the Crayta stubs and the documentation it includes are Copyrighted by Unit 2 Games. The stubs may be distributed for the promotion of Crayta only, as per Unit 2 Games' Terms of Service.