Yoast plugin testing helper

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Purpose of this plugin

This is a plugin to aid in testing and developing the Yoast SEO plugin and its extensions.


This test helper plugin has several features:

  • Easily enable Yoast SEO development mode.
  • Save and restore Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO extension options, to test upgrade paths.
  • Add options debug info to Yoast SEO admin pages.
  • Reset the indexables, internal link counter, prominent words calculation and other features.
  • Add two post types (Books and Movies) with two taxonomies (Category and Genre) each and optionally disable the block editor for them.
  • Easily add an inline script after a selected script.
  • Replace your .test TLD with example.com in your Schema output, so you can easily copy paste to Google's Structured Data Testing Tool.
  • Change the number of URLs shown in an XML Sitemap.
  • Easily change your MyYoast URL.
  • Easily reset SEO roles & capabilities.
  • Easily find indexable data in Query Monitor output (requires Query Monitor).


  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Run composer install.
  3. You're done. You will find the plugin settings under Tools → Yoast Test in your WordPress admin.