UI to interact with QPay-API

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UI to interact with QPay-API

This POS demo works with QPay API library ynloultratech/qpay-api to prove all actions using user graphical interface.

Can use this demo to test the API connection or to do production API integration tests.

This project can be used in two ways:

Standalone Web Application

  • Download the source code from github
  • Extract in any folder in the web server
  • Create a domain or subdomain pointing to the web folder

Alternative to use a web server (apache, etc) for fast scaffolding and test can use the build-in server

php bin/console server:start

Symfony Bundle

Can use this demo as bundle inside your existent Symfony application

  • Install via composer composer require ynloultratech/qpay-api-demo
  • Add the bundle in your kernel new YnloUltratech\QPayApiDemo\QPayApiDemoBundle()
  • Add the following lines in your routing_dev.yml
    resource: "@QPayApiDemoBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"
    prefix:   /_qpay_api_demo

The prefix can be changed as needed. If you need access to this url using a prod environment can add the above routing settings to the routing.yml file, in that case create a firewall restriction it's highly recommended.

  • Now can access to the POS demo using a url like http://your_app_domain/_qpay_api_demo

If use this tool as Symfony bundle can integrate into your layout specifying custom layout in the bundle settings

    layout:               'layout.html.twig'

In case of override default layout, ensure you have jQuery and Bootstrap in your assets.