umi is powerful laravel admin BREAD and RBAC system, just few minutes to click button and you will see the magic world

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Umi admin is powerful backend management system, including

  • BREAD system (Browse, Read, Edit, Add, & Delete), made for Laravel 5.3.
  • RBAC system (role and permission control) including 2 parts, table of database (combine with BREAD) and web page url control
  • data table search function with customized searching option
  • customized relation of table for table's delete or update
  • display any foreign key to any format you want to show on the web page (like foreign key to drop down list or text box or pop up a window to show)


  1. install composer and laravel 5.3 Please install correctly. recommends use the follow command

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel umi_admin 5.3.*

  1. install UMI Admin.

composer require ym/umi v0.1.2.*
If not prefer to use composer to install, please read https://github.com/taoyu65/UMIAdmin/wiki/install_en

  1. config (.env)

DB_DATABASE=new a null database
DB_USERNAME=user name

  1. add server provider to "config/app.php"


  1. run command to install application and config file

php artisan umi:install (option for choosing language 1=chinese 2=english) input number then press enter. (warning:if need to change language for database after installation only run command php artisan umi:install --lang-zh-only / --lang-en-only)

  1. setting language:

in the file config/app.php, 'locale' => 'zh_cn' or 'en'

  1. renew app_key, run command: $ php artisan key:generate
  2. ok, let's start.
    warning: Please keep the new database is empty before install application, or empty database before run the installation command



The Laravel framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.