This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A simple class that allow you mock global functions.

dev-master / 1.x-dev 2014-09-17 12:00 UTC


A simple class that allow you mock global functions for your unit tests.

Note: This works only if you don't use absolute function calls (like \phpversion()) in your classes.


Add yguedidi/global-functions-mocker to the require-dev section of your composer.json

    "require-dev": {
        "yguedidi/global-functions-mocker": "*"

Basic usage

0 - Prerequisites

1 - Setup

First of all, call the GlobalFunctionsMocker::setUp() method in your test setUp() method.
This is needed to clear mocked global functions between tests.

2 - Namespaced function

Create a function named exactly like the global function in the namespace of your tested class, but define it in your test file.
The body of that function should be:

return GlobalFunctionsMocker::execute('global_function_name', func_get_args());

3 - Mock the function

Then just mock the global function you need in your tests with GlobalFunctionsMocker::mock('global_function_name').
It returns a subset of Mockery\Expectation so you can define some expectations: MockedFunction

Full exemple

This exemple assume your tested class and your unit test class are in different namespace.

// src/FooClass.php
namespace Acme\FooClass;

class FooClass {
    public function foo()
        return phpversion();
// tests/FooClassTest.php

// Note the different namespace
namespace Acme\Tests\FooClass
    use Acme\FooClass;
    use YassineGuedidi\GlobalFunctionsMocker\GlobalFunctionsMocker as GFM;

    class FooClassTest extends \PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
        protected function setUp()

        public function testFoo()
            $object = new FooClass();
            $this->assertEquals('foo', $object->foo());

// IMPORTANT: Define the function in the tested class namespace
namespace Acme\FooClass
    use YassineGuedidi\GlobalFunctionsMocker\GlobalFunctionsMocker as GFM;

    function phpversion()
        // Don't forget 'func_get_args()' for fallback to the real global function work
        return GFM::execute('phpversion', func_get_args());



Mock a global function. Should be called in your tests.

  • $functionName
    Name of the global function to mock
GlobalFunctionsMocker::execute($functionName, $args)

Execute a mocked global function. Call this in your namespaced global function definition.

  • $functionName
    Name of the global function to execute

  • $args (optional)
    Arguments passed to the global function (empty array by default).
    Important: This should be func_get_args() in the namespaced function. It allow fallback to the real global if it's not mocked.

It will fallback to the real global function if the function isn't mocked by a test, or if you mock it with some expectations but without a return value.

And if the real global function is not define (missing PHP extension for exemple), it will gracefully throw a PHPUnit_Framework_SkippedTestError exception that will skip the current test with a useful message.


Available functions: with(), withArgs(), withNoArgs(), withAnyArgs(), andReturn(), andReturnValues(), andReturnUsing() andReturnUndefined(), andReturnNull(), andThrow(),andThrowExceptions(), zeroOrMoreTimes(), times(), never(), once(), twice(), atLeast(), atMost(), between().

Look at Mockery's documentation about Expectation Declarations and Argument Validation for more detail.


See LICENSE file