a tool for managing .env file which is a common config solution nowadays

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This is a tool for generating .env file which is a very common solution for configuration. What's phpdotenv?

Phpdotenv package is used in several php frameworks. Ex.:laravel. When dotenv is working, it requires a config file .env (or you can set those shell constants by hand, but it is obviously not handy enough, ex.: if you are going to add API_PREFIX=api which is a common situation you are doing REST app).

And also, in nowadays, everything is working in an automatic way. So this repository is taking care of those .env files.

Use Case

There is a laravel project you've done. And now you are going to deploy it into several cloud servers. Of course, it is easy by pulling down the source through git...Then what about the .env files?
Of cause you can copy and modify your local one then upload it, but it is not very handy, no?

So you add some config in your project's composer.json file like this:

  "extra": {
    "phpdotenv-parameters": {
      "warning": "false",
      "project": {
        "source": "./.env.ini",
        "dist": "./"

Then you add a .env.ini like normal ini file. (Whether you put the .env.ini into git repository is controlled by you).
The ini file's content may be as the following:





So, if you want to generate dev environment config, you just type PHPDOTENV=dev phpdotenv .. And even handy, you can also config composer to run the install for you.

  "scripts": {
    "post-install-cmd": [
    "post-update-cmd": [

Of cause, in this case, you should composer require yarco/phpdotenv-generator this package first.

Extra Features

  • if "warning":true, it will generate warning messages into sys log
  • you can use projects to deal with lots projects