PHP Log Parser LightWeight - updated 2021 - This package contains an authentication page and log display

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QuickLogs - Log Parser ! PHP Error Log Parser

Parse quickly (in 5 minutes) your php errors and php warnings via a web browser. if you are tired of 'tail -f' or 'cat error_log' QuickLogs is your solution !

Windows server and Unix Server compatible - yay !


  • QuickAuthentication

  • QuickLogs Parser - Php Error Log


composer require yana/dr

How To use it in your web page


require_once __DIR__.'vendor/autoload.php';

$authenticationInstance = new \Yana\Authentication\QuickAuthentication();
$quickLogs = new \Yana\Logs\QuickLogs($authenticationInstance);

Set Up PHP Error Log path in vendor/yana/dr/Yana/Logs/conf.php

     * Setup Error Log file
     * @author    David Raleche
     * @link      david.raleche.com
     * @since     2019-05-10

return [
    'error_log_path' => '/var/log/php-fpm/www-error.log',
    'error_log_path_backup' => __DIR__.'\demo\www-error.log'

Default Credentials

username : admin
password : davidr

Command Lines for PSR-2 Standard

./bin/phpcs -p --extensions=php --standard=PSR2 --error-severity=1 --warning-severity=0 ./src ./tests


Feel free to submit Github Issues or pull requests.