Gather statistics from wp-update-server logs.

v1.0.1 2018-08-01 08:26 UTC


Gathers statistics from wp-update-server logs and displays a bunch of pretty charts.

Installation using Composer

composer create-project yahnis-elsts/wp-update-server-stats


PHP 5.6 or above with the SQLite extension.


Run update.php to analyse log files:

php update.php --dir "/path/to/wp-update-server/logs" --from-last-date

This will process all .log files in the specified directory and dump various statistics into an SQLite database. Initial processing can take a while. If your logs are very large, you can restrict analysis to a specific date range by using the --from and --to parameters. Run php update.php --help to see all available options.

After the process is complete, navigate to wp-update-server-stats/index.php in the browser to view the results.


Update stats