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Mini No Framework for PHP 5.3+

dev-master 2017-12-10 06:39 UTC

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Last update: 2023-06-03 10:04:03 UTC


Mini No FrameWork.

klein is a fast & flexible router for PHP 5.3+

illuminate/database for PHP 5.3+

The Illuminate Database component is a full database toolkit for PHP, providing an expressive query builder, ActiveRecord style ORM, and schema builder. It currently supports MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, and SQLite. It also serves as the database layer of the Laravel PHP framework.

#Base Controller

    id($hash = true)                    // Get a unique ID for the request
    paramsGet()                         // Return the GET parameter collection
    paramsPost()                        // Return the POST parameter collection
    paramsNamed()                       // Return the named parameter collection
    cookies()                           // Return the cookies collection
    server()                            // Return the server collection
    headers()                           // Return the headers collection
    files()                             // Return the files collection
    body()                              // Get the request body
    params()                            // Return all parameters
    params($mask = null)                // Return all parameters that match the mask array - extract() friendly
    param($key, $default = null)        // Get a request parameter (get, post, named)
    isSecure()                          // Was the request sent via HTTPS?
    ip()                                // Get the request IP
    userAgent()                         // Get the request user agent
    uri()                               // Get the request URI
    pathname()                          // Get the request pathname
    method()                            // Get the request method
    method($method)                     // Check if the request method is $method, i.e. method('post') => true
    query($key, $value = null)          // Get, add to, or modify the current query string
    <param>                             // Get / Set (if assigned a value) a request parameter

    protocolVersion($protocol_version = null)       // Get the protocol version, or set it to the passed value
    body($body = null)                              // Get the response body's content, or set it to the passed value
    status()                                        // Get the response's status object
    headers()                                       // Return the headers collection
    cookies()                                       // Return the cookies collection
    code($code = null)                              // Return the HTTP response code, or set it to the passed value
    prepend($content)                               // Prepend a string to the response body
    append($content)                                // Append a string to the response body
    isLocked()                                      // Check if the response is locked
    requireUnlocked()                               // Require that a response is unlocked
    lock()                                          // Lock the response from further modification
    unlock()                                        // Unlock the response
    sendHeaders($override = false)                  // Send the HTTP response headers
    sendCookies($override = false)                  // Send the HTTP response cookies
    sendBody()                                      // Send the response body's content
    send()                                          // Send the response and lock it
    isSent()                                        // Check if the response has been sent
    chunk($str = null)                              // Enable response chunking (see the wiki)
    header($key, $value = null)                     // Set a response header
    cookie($key, $value = null, $expiry = null)     // Set a cookie
    cookie($key, null)                              // Remove a cookie
    noCache()                                       // Tell the browser not to cache the response
    redirect($url, $code = 302)                     // Redirect to the specified URL
    dump($obj)                                      // Dump an object
    file($path, $filename = null)                   // Send a file
    json($object, $jsonp_prefix = null)             // Send an object as JSON or JSONP by providing padding prefix

    sharedData()                                    // Return the shared data collection
    startSession()                                  // Start a session and return its ID
    flash($msg, $type = 'info', $params = array()   // Set a flash message
    flashes($type = null)                           // Retrieve and clears all flashes of $type
    markdown($str, $args, ...)                      // Return a string formatted with markdown
    escape($str)                                    // Escape a string
    refresh()                                       // Redirect to the current URL
    back()                                          // Redirect to the referer
    query($key, $value = null)                      // Modify the current query string
    layout($layout)                                 // Set the view layout
    yieldView()                                     // Call inside the layout to render the view content
    render($view, $data = array())                  // Render a view or partial (in the scope of $response)
    partial($view, $data = array())                 // Render a partial without a layout (in the scope of $response)
    addValidator($method, $callback)                // Add a custom validator method
    validate($string, $err = null)                  // Validate a string (with a custom error message)
    validateParam($param, $err = null)                  // Validate a param
    <callback>($arg1, ...)                          // Call a user-defined helper
    <property>                                      // Get a user-defined property

    <callback>($arg1, ...)                          //Call a user-defined helper

    notNull()                           // The string must not be null
    isLen($length)                      // The string must be the exact length
    isLen($min, $max)                   // The string must be between $min and $max length (inclusive)
    isInt()                             // Check for a valid integer
    isFloat()                           // Check for a valid float/decimal
    isEmail()                           // Check for a valid email
    isUrl()                             // Check for a valid URL
    isIp()                              // Check for a valid IP
    isAlpha()                           // Check for a-z (case insensitive)
    isAlnum()                           // Check for alphanumeric characters
    contains($needle)                   // Check if the string contains $needle
    isChars($chars)                     // Validate against a character list
    isRegex($pattern, $modifiers = '')  // Validate against a regular expression
    notRegex($pattern, $modifiers ='')
    is<Validator>()                     // Validate against a custom validator
    not<Validator>()                    // The validator can't match
    <Validator>()                       // Alias for is<Validator>()