The PortaSwitch API client in PHP according to their PortaSwitch_Interfaces_MR45.pdf document

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This is a PortaSwitch Client Library Based on their PortaSwitch_Interfaces_MR45.pdf document. The client library is not finished and only some parts are implemented but it's easy to add more as the software architecture makes it possible to quickly add new methods.

To deploy the application:

You need to create the .env file with

API_BASE = Base URL of the API
API_USER = The API user
API_PASS = The password for the API user

The file should look something like this:

API_BASE = "https://mybilling.telinta.com:8442/rest/"
API_USER = 'test_user'
API_PASS = 'test_pass'

Please pay desired attention to have the /rest/ API instead of SOAP.


For examples check the example.php file.

Thank you!