Automatically creates database for Laravel based on a few PHP documentation comments.

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Last update: 2024-05-22 23:01:47 UTC


Automatically creates database based on few PHP documentation comments.

  • Easy to use
  • Stable
  • Fully Tested: Major Features are tested for stability
  • Framework agnostic
  • Pleasurable to work with
  • Supports Laravel / Eloquent


Install via composer

composer require xmarkclx/laravel-autodb

Create Database Comments

Given we have a comment on a class like so:

 * Class Example
 * @db===
 * @property string $avatar_url
 * @property int $id #increments         
 * @db===
 * @package App
 class Example implements AutogeneratedDBFields

We run:

    php artisan autodb

What happens:

  • Will create table example if not yet created.
  • In that table:
    • Creates string called avatar_url.
    • Creates integer called id that is a primary key and auto-increments.



  • Creating database migrations and changing them is time consuming. This will make it faster.
  • Also, this would avoid migration conflicts that happens when multiple migrations, try to modify the same database fields.
  • Furthermore, with this method, you can automatically get autocomplete suggestions on your IDE for the database fields due to it being related to phpdoc tags.
  • No more need to open database viewer to know what fields the model has, just look at the model file.
  • Agile Friendly: Make database improvements fast.

Why not just make this tool create migrations?

Well, we can, and it's not hard, but I don't have time for that yet.

If you want to help, you just need to make an assembler for that, just see how src/LaravelModelAssembler.php works and you can make a LaravelMigrationAssembler.php or something that assembles migrations instead of the database.


  • I create migration where name is now an integer based on a test.
  • Production server gets my migration and migrated it.
  • Production server names are now integers.
  • So that's why it was decided to auto migrate data instead of creating migration files.

I want to help make this project better.

See docs/Architecture.md for how it is architected.