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Xloit Bridge Zend ServiceManager Library

1.0.2 2017-06-08 04:51 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-06-12 01:37:00 UTC


Note: This project is a work in progress. Don't use it in production!

This is the Bridge Zend ServiceManager Library for Xloit.


Install this library using composer:

$ composer require xloit/xloit-bridge-zend-servicemanager


You can run the unit tests with the following command:

$ cd path/to/xloit-bridge-zend-servicemanager/
$ composer install
$ ./bin/phpunit

Please see the tests for full information on capabilities.


Documentation is in the doc tree, and can be compiled using bookdown:

$ bookdown doc/bookdown.json
$ php -S -t doc/html/ # then browse to http://localhost:8080


You can install bookdown globally using composer global require bookdown/bookdown. If you do this, make sure that $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin is on your $PATH environment.

Alternately, public-facing, browseable documentation is available at The Xloit Bridge Zend ServiceManager Library Documentation


Architectural notes are in NOTES.md.


The files in this archive are released under the Xloit Open Project license, which is a MIT License. You can find a copy of this license in LICENSE.