ACME Skeleton Bundle for Symfony5

v1.0.0 2021-04-02 21:16 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-10-12 20:22:37 UTC


ACME Skeleton for the integration of third-party bundles


This bundle is setup to provide a ready-to-use skeleton. It includes some alternatives in the configuration and some basic features. You can install this bundle using the command:

composer require xkzl/acme-bundle # Use this line for the stable release
composer require --dev xkzl/acme-bundle:dev-admin # Use this line to get thee current work-in-progress branch

Bundle information

The configuration of the bundle is automatic, if you configured the autoconfiguration/autowire options in your symfony project.

The bundle contains:

  • A service class called "AcmeService", this one can be autowire to any Symfony class
  • A controller class pointing to route "http://yourdomain.com/acme"
  • A model entity named "Anvil"
  • A configuration file should be located in ./config/packages/acme_bundle.yaml (https://github.com/symfony/recipes-contrib, it depends on symfony flex package..)
  • A public directory installed in ./public/bundles/acme/ that contains a 'dummy' directory named assets

How to setup a controller?

The class are only loaded if required in one class of your Symfony project For instance an example class would be display the welcome page of the bundle.

// ./src/Controller/AcmeController.php

namespace Base\Controller;

use Twig\Environment;
use Acme\Bundle\Service\AcmeService;

class AcmeController extends \Acme\Bundle\Controller\AcmeController
    public function __construct(Environment $twig, AcmeService $service)