Tool to merge PDFs created by fpdf 1.6

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Tool to merge PDFs created by fpdf 1.6 Project for composer used based on FPDF_Merge by DEMONTE Jean-Baptiste jbdemonte@gmail.com

version 1.0

date 2011-02-18

Why this tool ?

All the library tested (fpdi, ...) produce too heavy pdf because, these are not optimized. This library parses the pages, get the objects included (font, images) generate a hash to store only once these objects or reuse previous stored ones.


  • links are not supported in this version
  • all pages are included (because this was what we needed) but update it to create an add(array pages) should be easy

I tried to optimize a lot this tool using X-Debug, let me know if you do best :) If you get trouble or want to comment, feel free to send me an email.


$merge = new FPDF_Merge();
$merge->output('/tmp/pdf-merge.pdf'); // or $merge->output(); to open it directly in the browser