Multiple Handy debugging methods.

v4.1.0 2013-06-17 13:09 UTC


Toolset for debugging PHP


Use composer and require "xiphe/thedebug": "~1.0"

FirePHP-Mode requires FirePHP - YDS


I've written this project for my own needs so i am not willing to give full support. Anyway, i am very interested in any bugs, hints, requests or whatever. Please use the github issue system and i will try to answer.

3rd Party



  • add ChromePHP


  • initiation as standalone package
  • added to composer

pre 4.0


  • Find a way to set the backtraceOffset for firePHPs trace function or add a own trace
  • Show stats on shutdown
  • Implement Error Handlers
  • Write tests
  • Spell-check


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