FuelPHP Sencha Ext JS direct provider

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FuelPHP Sencha Ext JS direct provider


composer require xenophy/fuel-ext-direct

Add setting to config.php

You should add fuel-ext-direct to 'always_load' -> 'packages' like a following

'packages'  => array(

Copy to config

packages/extdirect/config/extdirect.php to your FuelPHP config directory.

How to use

You should make fuel/app/classes/direct directory, after that create like a following php classses.


class Direct_Foo {

     * bar
     * @param $age
     * @param $sage
     * @remotable
     * @formHandler
    function bar($age, $sage) {

        return "result bar";


Method Comments

When you would like to publish your class method, you should write method comment.

This package will provide to Sencha Ext JS only @remotable in method comment. So, when you would like to use method as "Form Handler", Please write @formHandler in your method comment.

API definitions

Firstly, maybe you should write "Direct Provider" in your Application.js.

requires: [

launch: function () {

Next, you should add following settings in in your app.json. "path" is your local develoment host url using FuelPHP.

    "js": [
            "path": "http://[your local develomnent host]/direct/api",
            "remote": true
            "path": "app.js",
            "bundle": true


Please show your Sencha Ext JS Project via Sencha Cmd(jetty).


After that, please try following JavaScript code in Developer Console.

Foo.bar("age", "sage", function(result) {

Maybe you can see "result bar" message.

Enjoy yourself!