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Password recovery system based on xelax90/zf-user-notification

1.0 2017-01-15 17:31 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-10-19 18:46:50 UTC


This module provides a simple password recovery system based on xelax90/zf-user-notificaiton


Installation of XelaxUserForgotPassword uses composer. For composer documentation, please refer to getcomposer.org.

composer require xelax90/zf-user-forgot-password

Then add XelaxUserForgotPassword to your config/application.config.php and run the doctrine schema update to create the database table:

php vendor/bin/doctrine-module orm:schema-tool:update --force 

Now copy the provided configuration files vendor/xelax90/zf-user-forgot-password/config/xelax-user-forgot-password.global.php and vendor/xelax90/zf-user-forgot-password/config/xelax-user-forgot-password.local.php.dist into your config/autoload directory. Also make another copy of the xelax-user-forgot-password.local.php.dist file without the .dist extension.


E-Mail Templates

You can overwrite the localized e-mail templates by providing a viewScript for xelax-user-forgot-password/email/$LANGUAGE/$NOTIFICATION/$TEMPLATE. You can find the pre-defined ones in the view folder.

Request Lifetime

You can configure the request lifetime in the global configuration with the request_lifetime key. The passed value must either be a DateInterval object or an interval specification for its constructor (see DateInterval::__construct). It defaults to one day.