Adds affiliate marketing s2s postback support to SilverShop orders

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Adds affiliate marketing s2s postback support to SilverShop orders. The module comes with a abstract AffiliateProvider class where implementation for different providers can be based upon. A default implementation for Tune's HasOffers platform already exists.

What it is

Affiliate marketing is used by marketeers to generate leads with affiliate networks. Affilate partners can use links with affliate id's in blog posts for example.


Has Offers

You can configure the following parameters on the Has Offers implementation:

  default_offer_id: 71 # the default offer to map your conversions to
  transaction_id_var: 'clickid' # the query parameter name that holds the transaction id
  affiliate_id_var: 'pub' # the query parameter name that holds the affiliate id

If you work with multiple goals or offers id's and don't want to make use of the default parameter you can extend the HasOffers class:

class HasOffersExtension extends Extension
  public function onBeforePostBack(&$query, $order)
    // if the order matches the case of the different offer or goal
    if ($order->matchesDifferentCase()) {
      $query['offer_id'] = 'my_offer_id';

Create a custom AffiliateProvider

If you have a different affiliate provider you can extend the abstract AffiliateProvider class and implement the methods sessionFromRequest and doPostBack. The first method is used to get and store the id you need for your postback in the session. The doPostBack method is called by the order when paid and should call the provider's server with the stored id.

class MyAffiliateProvider extends AffiliateProvider
     * Set the required session data from the request
    public function sessionFromRequest(HTTPRequest $request)
        $transactionId = $request->getVar('transaction_id');
        $affiliateId = $request->getVar('affiliate_id');
        if ($transactionId && $affiliateId) {
            $session = $request->getSession();
            $session->set('MyAffiliateProvider.TransactionID', $transactionId);
            $session->set('MyAffiliateProvider.AffiliateID', $affiliateId);

     * Handle the postback to the affiliate provider
    public function doPostBack(HTTPRequest $request, Order $order)
        // send the postback to your affiliate partners server

Configure the injector to use your custom affiliate provider:

    class: MyAffiliateProvider