Wrapper for Whatsapp messenger

v1.1.8 2016-07-07 16:14 UTC


See https://github.com/xaamin/whatsapi/issues/38


Wrapper for whatsapp/chat-api, that allows us send messages through WhatsApp. Thanks guys.


Non Laravel users

If you're not a Laravel user you only need to run the composer require command in order to install the needed package.

    composer require xaamin/whatsapi

Laravel users

Assuming you already have composer installed on your system, install a new Laravel project into whatsapidemo folder

    composer create-project laravel/laravel whatsapidemo --prefer-dist

Ensure that you set webserver to use whatsapidemo/public as it's webroot. Now, if you visit http://localhost (or whatever domain name you are using) you should see a nice Laravel welcome message.

Change into your new whatsapidemo folder.

    cd whatsapidemo

Require the needed package.

    composer require xaamin/whatsapi

If you get [InvalidArgumentException] Could not find package xaamin/whatsapi at any version for your minimum-stability (stable). Check the package spelling or your minimum-stability you must add these lines to your composer.json an then re-run previous command.

    "minimum-stability": "dev",
    "prefer-stable" : true

We tell Laravel that there is a Whatsapi ServiceProvider. At the end of config/app.php file, in the providers array, add:


Finally, Into the config/app.php file, add to aliases array each of these lines

    'Whatsapi' => 'Xaamin\Whatsapi\Facades\Laravel\Whatsapi',
    'WhatsapiTool' => 'Xaamin\Whatsapi\Facades\Laravel\Registration',


Non Laravel users

If you're using another Framework, different from Laravel, you must put manually the config file Config/config.php on the right path.

    // Include the composer autoload file
    include_once "vendor/autoload.php";

    // Import the necessary classes
    use Xaamin\Whatsapi\Facades\Native\Whatsapi;
    use Xaamin\Whatsapi\Facades\Native\Registration;

    // Or, if you want you can add a class alias
    // class_alias('Xaamin\Whatsapi\Facades\Native\Whatsapi', 'Whatsapi');
    // class_alias('Xaamin\Whatsapi\Facades\Native\Registration', 'Registration');

Now, we tell Whatsapi about the config values.

    // Of course, you can use the Config class from your favorite Framework.
    $config = __DIR__ . 'config/whatsapi.php';


By default, the native implementation session use the $_SESSION global var, you can override this providing a instance that implements the contract Xaamin\Whatsapi\Sessions\SessionInterface.

    # Codeigniter 3 example
    use CI_Session;
    use Xaamin\Whatsapi\Sessions\SessionInterface;

    class SessionManager implements SessionInterface{

        # The key used in the Session.
        protected $key = 'itnovado_whatsapi';

        # Session object.
        protected $session;

        public function __construct(CI_Session $session)
            $this->session = $session;

        public function getKey()
            return $this->key;

        public function put($value)
            $this->session->set_userdata($this->getKey(), $value);

        public function pull()
            $data = $this->session->userdata($this->getKey());


            return $data;

    // Get some resources
    $ci =& get_instance();
    $sessionManager = new SessionManager($ci->session);

    // Override the default session implementation

Laravel users

We need to publish the config file that will allow you to very easily add all your account numbers.

    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Xaamin\Whatsapi\WhatsapiServiceProvider" --tag="config"

Now everything has been installed, you just need to add your Whatsapp account details into the config file. There will now be a personal config file created for you in whatsapidemo/config/whatsapi.php. Open this file and edit the details with your account info. Once saved, you're good to use the API!


Note: You must create the data storage path specified in configuration file. The path must be writable for webserver.

Request registration code

When requesting the code, you can do it via SMS or voice call, in both cases you will receive a code like 123-456, that we will use for register the number.

    $number = '5219511552222'; # Number with country code
    $type = 'sms'; # This can be either sms or voice

    $response = WhatsapiTool::requestCode($number, $type);

Example response:

    stdClass Object
        [status] => sent
        [length] => 6
        [method] => sms
        [retry_after] => 1805


If you received the code like this 123-456 you should register like this '123456'

    $number = '5219511552222'; # Number with country code
    $code = '132456'; # Replace with received code  

    $response = WhatsapiTool::registerCode($number, $code);

If everything went right, this should be the output:

    [status] => ok
    [login] => 34123456789
    [pw] => 0lvOVwZUbvLSxXRk5uYRs3d1E=
    [type] => existing
    [expiration] => 1443256747
    [kind] => free
    [price] => EUR€0.99
    [cost] => 0.89
    [currency] => EUR
    [price_expiration] => 1414897682

See the entire registration process on https://github.com/WHAnonymous/Chat-API/wiki/WhatsAPI-Documentation#number-registration

Send messages

    // Retrieve user data from database, web service, and so on.
    // Dummy method, fake data.
    $user = new stdClass;
    $user->name = 'Benjamín Martínez Mateos';
    $user->phone = '5219512222222';

    $message = "Hello $user->name and welcome to our site";

    $messages = Whatsapi::send($message, function($send) use ($user)

        // Add an audio file
        // Add an image file
        $send->image('http://itnovado.com/example.jpg', 'Cool image');
        // Add a video file
        $send->video('http://itnovado.com/example.mp4', 'Fun video');
        // Add a location (Longitude, Latitude)
        $send->location(-89.164138, 19.412405, 'Itnovado Location');
        // Add a VCard
        $vcard = new Xaamin\Whatsapi\Media\VCard();
        $vcard->set('data', array(
            'first_name' => 'John',
            'last_name' => 'Doe',
            'tel' => '9611111111',
        $send->vcard('Xaamin', $vcard);

        // Add new text message
        $send->message('Thanks for subscribe');
    foreach($messages as $message)

Check for new messages

    $messages = $messages = Whatsapi::getNewMessages();

        foreach($messages as $message)

Sync contacts

    $result = Whatsapi::syncContacts(['5219512222222', '5219512222223']);
    foreach ($result->existing as $number => $account)

    foreach ($result->nonExisting as $number)

Example response

    SyncResult Object
        [index] => 0
        [syncId] => 130926960960000000
        [existing] => Array
                [+5219512222222] => 5219512222222@s.whatsapp.net

        [nonExisting] => Array
                [0] => 5219512222223


Missing methods

You can use all power of the whatsapp/chat-api getting and instance of Whatsprot class. Read the whatsapp/chat-api wiki for available methods.

    $whatsprot = Whatsapi::gateway();

    // Do stuff...

You can use on routes, cli... you got the idea.