A generic user registration and authentication module for ZF3.

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-07-25 05:32:17 UTC


Advanced ZF3 Registration, Login and Remember Me module with DB session storage


Please see the composer.json file.


Via Composer (require)

If you have composer installed globally

$ composer require x-fran/tar-users

If you use composer.phar local

# Get your own copy of composer.phar
$ curl -s https://getcomposer.org/installer | php -- --filename=composer
$ composer require "x-fran/tar-users"

### Via Git (clone)

First, clone the repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/x-fran/tar-users.git # optionally, specify the directory in which to clone
$ cd path/to/install
$ curl -s https://getcomposer.org/installer | php -- --filename=composer

At this point, you need to use Composer to install dependencies. Assuming you already have Composer:

$ composer --no-dev install

Module Features

  • Multilingual ready
  • Registration with email validation
  • Disable registration - see options
  • Login with "remember me" checkbox
  • Disable login - see options
  • Forgot Password
  • Reset Password - force user to reset his password
  • Controller actions access filter - see module.config.php 'access_filter' => []
  • Countries filter - see options
  • Disallow user access to certain pages Eg. A logged in can't access registration and login actions
  • Database session storage
  • Strong password encryption - Bcrypt, static salt, dynamically generated salt for each user.
  • Console command to manually generate salt and hash password
    $ php public/index.php tar-users hash-password 123456
    Password: 123456
    Salt: H6xFVm2ykH
    Hash: $2y$14$CpKKI5riOfnPuzLTqZg/je0sxK1kvaaGyRs1q.pJHRlGh1Kbx8TLe
    Manually add this values (Salt and Hash) into the database for any user.
  • Console command to help you setup the module DB tables
    $ php public/index.php tar-users install-tables