Execute Flow CLI commands in parallel for batch processing

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1.0.0 2021-12-10 17:47 UTC

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Last update: 2023-12-07 17:09:26 UTC


Helpers to execute Flow CLI Commands in parallel using ReactPHP ChildProcess:


Install this package via:

composer require wwwision/batch-processing


Invoke BatchProcessRunner::start() from a Flow CommandController.


use Neos\Flow\Annotations as Flow;
use Wwwision\BatchProcessing\BatchProcessRunner;

class SomeCommandController extends CommandController

    public function someMainCommand(): void
        $runner = new BatchProcessRunner('somebatch');

     * @param int $offset zero based offset
     * @param int $limit size of the batch to process
     * @internal
    public function someBatchCommand(int $offset, int $limit): void
        // process batch of size $limit from $offset

(see full example below)

Custom batch command arguments

By default, the arguments offset and limit will be passed to the batch command. This can be changed via constructor arguments of the BatchProcessRunner, the placeholders {offset} and {limit} can be used:

$runner = new BatchProcessRunner('some:batch:command', ['start' => '{offset}', 'size' => '{limit}', 'some-custom-arg' => 'some value']);

Render progress bar(s)

The ProgressBarRenderer can be used to output progress bar(s) like shown in the screenshot above:

$progressHandler = ProgressBarRenderer::create($this->output->getOutput());
$runner = new BatchProcessRunner('some:batch:command', null, $progressHandler);

To allow the individual batches to report their progress and errors, the ProgressPipe can be used:

$progressPipe = new ProgressPipe();
for ($i = $offset; $i < ($offset + $limit); $i ++) {
    try {
        // do something
    } catch (SomeException $e) {

Specify batch size

By default, the batch size is 500. This means that for a total amount of 1234 tasks the batch command will be called three times with a offset/limit of:

  • 0/500
  • 500/500
  • 1000/234

The batch size can be adjusted via BatchProcessRunner::setBatchSize().

Note: The right size for the size of a batch depends greatly upon how long each task will take and how much memory it will consume.

Specify pool size

By default, up to 5 sub processes will be executed in parallel. This can be adjusted via BatchProcessRunner::setPoolSize().

Note: To prevent parallel execution of batches, set the pool size to 1

Handle finished process

Because BatchProcessRunner::start() is executed in a non-blocking way, the following code will not work as expected:

$this->outputLine('This might be outputted before the runner has been finished!')

Instead, the BatchProcessRunner::onFinish() callback should be used to finalize the process:

$runner->onFinish(function() {
    $this->outputLine('This will be outputted when all tasks have been processed');

Handle errors

To prevent interrupting the batch processing or messing with the progress bar rendering, errors are not outputted by default. Instead, they can be handled via BatchProcessRunner::onError() callback:

$runner->onError(function(string $message) {
    $this->outputLine('<error>%s</error>', $message);

Alternatively, the onFinish() can be used to handle all errors that occurred during the batch processing:

$runner->onFinish(function(array $errors) {
    if ($errors !== []) {
        $this->outputLine('<error>%d errors occurred!</error>', [count($errors)]);

Full example


use Neos\Flow\Cli\CommandController;
use Wwwision\BatchProcessing\BatchProcessRunner;
use Wwwision\BatchProcessing\ProgressHandler\NullProgressHandler;
use Wwwision\BatchProcessing\ProgressHandler\ProgressBarRenderer;
use Wwwision\BatchProcessing\ProgressPipe;

class SomeCommandController extends CommandController
    public function someMainCommand(string $someArg, int $batchSize = null, int $poolSize = null, bool $quiet = false): void
        $numberOfTasks = $this->determineNumberOfTasks();
        $quiet || $this->outputLine('Processing <b>%d</b> tasks...', [$numberOfTasks]);
        $progressHandler = $quiet ? new NullProgressHandler() : ProgressBarRenderer::create($this->output->getOutput());
        $runner = new BatchProcessRunner('some.package:some:somebatch', ['someArg' => $someArg, 'offset' => '{offset}', 'limit' => '{limit}'], $progressHandler);
        if ($batchSize !== null) {
        if ($poolSize !== null) {
        $runner->onFinish(function(array $errors) use ($quiet) {
            if ($errors === []) {
                $quiet || $this->outputLine('<success>Done</success>');
            $this->outputLine('<error>Finished with <b>%d</b> error%s%s</error>', [\count($errors), \count($errors) === 1 ? '' : 's', $quiet ? '' : ':']);
            if (!$quiet) {
                foreach ($errors as $error) {
                    $this->outputLine('  %s', [$error]);

     * @param string $someArg some custom argument
     * @param int $offset zero based offset
     * @param int $limit size of the batch to import
     * @internal
    public function someBatchCommand(string $someArg, int $offset, int $limit): void
        $processPipe = new ProgressPipe();
        foreach ($this->getTasks($offset, $limit) as $task) {
            try {
            } catch (\Throwable $e) {


Contributions in the form of issues or pull requests are highly appreciated