Set of useful HTTP API utilities. Provides json schema validation and error handling.

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Last update: 2024-05-29 10:37:16 UTC


This package provides useful utilities for use with HTTP-APIs of any kind.

For response generation the symfony/http-foundation package is being used.


Install this package via composer:

composer require wunderwerkio/http-api-utils



The HttpApiValidationTrait provides methods to validate a data structure against a [JSON Schema)(https://json-schema.org/). The validation itself is done with the justinrainbow/json-schema package.

Define the schema:

$schema = [
  "type" => "object",
  "properties" => [
    "name" => [
      "type" => "string",
    "age" => [
      "type" => "integer",
  "required" => ["name"],

Depending on your input data, you can use different validation methods to suit your needs:

  • validateDataStructure Accepts a reference to an object. This is meant to be used with results from json_decode.
  • validateArray Accepts an array as the data to validate.
  • validateJsonString Accepts a JSON encoded string.

Example (with the schema from above):

$validData = (object) [
  'name' => 'Max',
  'age' => 42,

$result = $this->validateDataStructure($validData, $schema);

$result->isValid(); // -> TRUE

// With invalid data.

$invalidData = (object) [
  'age' => '42',

$result = $this->validateDataStructure($invalidData, $schema);

$result->isValid(); // -> FALSE
$result->getErrors(); // -> Array of validation errors.
$result->getResponse(); // -> JsonApiErrorResponse with the validation errors.

For more information, check out the JSON Schema package: https://github.com/justinrainbow/json-schema.