Package to easily manage a json setting file

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This package aims to make a json setting file usable and easy maintainable.

The json file is build like this:


Where foo is a group and bar a key value pair.

It is possible to append groups and add new groups.

usage examples

Getting settings

Getting a setting is straight forward.

//gets the value of bar in the foo group
$value = $s->get('foo.bar'); //foo
//gets the value of bars in the foo group
$values = $s->get('foo.bars'); //foos

Filling the settings file

This can be done by giving $settings as a parameter when creating a new Settings object

$settings can either be a json string or an array

$settings = array('foo'=>array('bar'=>'foo', 'bars'=>'foos'));
$s = new Settings($settings); 
 * Array
 *   [foo] => Array
 *       (
 *           [bar] => foo
 *           [bars] => foos
 *       )

Or by calling the fill method

$settings = array('foo'=>array('bar'=>'foo', 'bars'=>'foos'));
$s = new Settings(); 

Appending groups

To add new settings to a existing group goes as follows

//we assume the settings file is already filled

The group foo has now a new key value pair with the key 'cackes'. The value defaults to '' If you want to add a default value use a third parameter like this


Add a new group

Adding a new group to the settings file, and give it some default settings.

$s->addGroup('files')->appendGroup('files', 'logfile', '/location/to/file.log');


  • Make it a separate package

  • Add functionality to extend the json settings

  • Make the settings file dynamic

  • Allow greater settings depth

  • Allow arrays when adding a new group