A Sir Trevor to HTML conversion helper for PHP

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This is a Conversion library that handles the input from Sir Trevor and converts it to HTML. In the future, the conversion from HTML to the Json input Sir Trevor needs will be implemented too.

Supported Sir Trevor blocks

  • Heading
  • Paragraph
  • List
  • Video
  • Quote
  • Image

It's easy to add a custom block. Just add a new ConversionType in the Sioen\Types namespace and register it in the ToJsonContect and the ToHtmlContect.


This library package requires PHP 5.3 or later.


Require the library in your composer.json:

run composer require woutersioen/sir-trevor-php.

Make sure you have require 'vendor/autoload.php'; in the top of your script. If you're using a Framework, this should be ok by default.



// add the composer autoloader to your file
require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

// Add the needed use statements to be able to use this library
use Sioen\HtmlToJson;
use Sioen\JsonToHtml;

Conversion to HTML

// fetch the data from the post
$sirTrevorInput = $_POST['textarea'];

// create a JsonToHtml object
$jsonToHtml = new JsonToHtml();

// add the wanted converters (you'll probably want to use your DIC container or a factory)
$jsonToHtml->addConverter(new Sioen\JsonToHtml\BlockquoteConverter());
$jsonToHtml->addConverter(new Sioen\JsonToHtml\HeadingConverter());
$jsonToHtml->addConverter(new Sioen\JsonToHtml\IframeConverter());
$jsonToHtml->addConverter(new Sioen\JsonToHtml\ImageConverter());
$jsonToHtml->addConverter(new Sioen\JsonToHtml\BaseConverter());

// generate your html
$html = $jsonToHtml->toHtml($sirTrevorInput);

Conversion to Json

// fetch html from database or wherever you want to fetch it from
$html = '<h2>This is my html</h2>';

// create a HtmlToJson object
$htmlToJson = new HtmlToJson();

// add the wanted converters (you'll probably want to use your DIC container or a factory)
$jsonToHtml->addConverter(new Sioen\HtmlToJson\BlockquoteConverter());
$jsonToHtml->addConverter(new Sioen\HtmlToJson\HeadingConverter());
$jsonToHtml->addConverter(new Sioen\HtmlToJson\ImageConverter());
$jsonToHtml->addConverter(new Sioen\HtmlToJson\IframeConverter());
$jsonToHtml->addConverter(new Sioen\HtmlToJson\ListConverter());
$jsonToHtml->addConverter(new Sioen\HtmlToJson\BaseConverter());

// generate your json
$json = $htmlToJson->toJson($html);

Adding your own converters.

Create a class that implements/extends the right abstraction

HtmlToJson converters should extend Sioen\HtmlToJson\Converter JsonToHtml converters should implement Sioen\JsonToHtml\Converter

You can add your own converts using the addConverter method.