Yii2 gridview analog for laravel

1.2 2019-02-05 12:40 UTC


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This package is analog for yii's gridview component. Implemented for laravel, it provides a simple interface to print data in table view.



Simply run composer require woo/laravel-grid-view or add to your composer.json: "woo/laravel-grid-view": "@dev" and run composer update.

After that, add Woo\GridView\GridViewServiceProvider::class, into config/app.php, providers section.


GridView requires data to be passed through DataProvider wrapper. You can use eloquent queries, wrapped with eloquent data provider in your controller:

use \Woo\GridView\DataProviders\EloquentDataProvider;

return view('users.index', [
    'dataProvider' => new EloquentDataProvider(User::query())

sample usage in a view file:

{!! grid([
    'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,
    'rowsPerPage' => 20,
    'columns' => [
            'class' => 'raw',
            'title' => 'Status',
            'contentHtmlOptions' => [
                'data-id' => function($model) {
                    return $model->id;
            'value' => function($model) {

                if ($model->status == 'rejected') {
                    return '<b color="red">' . $model->status . '</b>';

                return '<b>' . $model->status . '</b>';
            'class' => 'actions',
            'value' => '{show} {update}',
            'actionsUrls' => function($model) {
                return [
                    'show' => url('users/' . $model->id),
                    'update' => url('users/' . $model->id . '/update'),
])->render() !!}


A list if GridView object options:

Property Description
dataProvider Should be an object, implement DataProviderInterface
columns A list of columns. In compiling, columns are
columnOptions A list of basic options for all collumns
renderer Should be a class path. Could be used in order to override renderer
rendererOptions A list of options for renderer
rowsPerPage Amount of rows to be shown per page (0 for table without pagination)
tableHtmlOptions Allows to set options for table element

A list of Column options:

Property Description
class Could be used in order to override type of column (aliases allowed)
title Allows to set column title
value Depends on column class, could be string or Closure
headerHtmlOptions A list of html options for table thead th
contentHtmlOptions A list of options for table tbody td
contentFormat Post-processing for value. Could be: raw, text, url, email, image (url)

A list of Renderer options:

Property Description
id Id of container element

Available columns classes:

  • ActionsColumn
  • AttributeColumn
  • RawColumn

Available rendereds:

  • DefaultRenderer

Available data providers:

  • EloquentDataProvider
  • ArrayDataProvider

Available class aliases:

Alias Context Real class
attribute column Woo\GridView\Columns\AttributeColumn
raw column Woo\GridView\Columns\RawColumn
actions column Woo\GridView\Columns\ActionsColumn
default renderer Woo\GridView\Renderers\DefaultRenderer

Update log


  • Added ArrayDataProvider


  • Added suppport for infinite tables (no per page limit)

dev -> v.1.0

  • Added GridView $columnOptions to make able setting basic properties for all columns
  • Added GridView $rendererOptions, renderer options support (currently only wrapper element ID could be set)
  • Added dynamic htmlOption calculation, just set value to id
  • Added aliases support - instead of passing real class value, just pass alias