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Laravel ODM module using Spiral ODM component.

v0.9.6 2017-08-02 20:06 UTC

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LODM module is intended to bring the Spiral ODM component functionality into your Laravel applications. This component provides the ability to manage your MongoDB data in an OOP way using your models compositions and aggregations.


Package installation can be performed using the simple composer command $ composer require wolfy-j/lodm.

To include ODM functionality in your application, you have to register the service provider Spiral\LODM\Laravel\ODMServiceProvider and CLI command Spiral\LODM\Commands\SchemaUpdate in the app.php configure and ConsoleKernel accordingly.

The module provides two configuration files which describe the class location directories (by default whole application), the set of connected MongoDB databases (ODM does not use any of Laravel's database functionality) and options that can simplify document creation.



class User extends Document
  const SCHEMA = [
    '_id'            => \MongoId::class,
    'name'           => 'string',
    'email'          => 'string',
    'balance'        => 'float',
    'timeRegistered' => \MongoDate::class,
    'tags'           => ['string'],
    'profile'        => Profile::class,

    'posts'          => [
        self::MANY => Post::class,
        ['userId' => 'self::_id']
protected function indexAction()
    $u = new User();
    $u->name = 'Anton';
    $u->email = 'test@email.com';
    $u->balance = 99;

protected function indexAction(string $id, UsersRepository $users)
    $user = $users->findByPK($id);
    if (empty($user)) {
        throw new NotFoundException('No such user');

$user = User::findOne();
$user->profile->biography = 'some bio';
$user->profile->facebookUID = 2345678;

$user->sessions->push(new Session([
    'timeCreated' => new \MongoDate(),
    'accessToken' => 'newrandom'


Please do not open issue tickets in this github project unless they are related to the integration process. Use Primary Respository for ODM related issues.