PHP implementation of Vue.js templating engine

2.0.0 2022-11-07 15:27 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-07 18:34:37 UTC


Simple PHP implementation of the Vue Template renderer.

The library has been created to be used for rendering templates in the Wikibase Lexeme extension. It intentionally covers only a subset of Vue Template syntax that is used by the Wikibase Lexeme extension. It is not going to cover all elements of Vue Template language.


The recommended way of installing the library is using Composer, e.g. by adding the following line to the require section of the composer.json file:

	"wmde/php-vuejs-templating": "^2.0.0"


The library comes with a set of PHPUnit tests, that include unit tests of library elements (tests/php directory), and also integration tests of rendering the template syntax elements used in the Wikibase Lexeme extension (tests/integration directory).

Tests could run by executing composer phpunit command.