Package to return the Wincache Cache Driver to Laravel 5.2+

1.0.0 2017-01-10 17:40 UTC



This repository is to replace the Wincache Cache Driver removed from Laravel 5.2. As such it only works in 5.2 and higher.

$ composer require wmather/wincache

Or a manual update of your composer.json

    "require": {
        "wmather/wincache": "^1.0"

After installing, register the service provider by adding this line to the providers array in config/app.php.

  • Wmather\WinCache\WinCacheStoreServiceProvider::class

In your config/cache.php, add a new entry to the stores array

      'wincache' => [
          'driver' => 'wincache',

And then in your .env file, set the CACHE_DRIVER to that alias