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Magento 2 Packagist Integration

1.0.9 2020-05-05 12:30 UTC

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About the Extension

This extension provides a direct integration between Magento 2 and Private Packagist. Once this extension is installed, you can specify the packagist configuration at each downloadable product.

After placing an order

  • The extension creates a vendor when the customer first purchases an downloadable product of your website
  • The package is made accessible by the extension automatically when a purchase is invoiced

NOTE: Only orders created by registered customers will create Packagist credentials, guest orders will not work.

After refunding an order

  • The extension revokes the access to the package when a Creditmemo is created inside Magento 2


composer require wizkunde/magento2-packagist

Proceed with your Magento 2 Upgrade steps, which are atleast:

  • bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • bin/magento cache:flush


Step 1: Create API Credentials at Private Packagist

  • Go to your Private Packagist Account and go to the Organization you want to make accessible.
  • Go to Settings -> API Access
  • Click "Create a new set of API credentials"
  • Store the token and the secret temporarily, you'll need them shortly

Step 2: Configure your Magento 2 Installation

  • Go to your Magento 2 admin panel
  • Go to: Stores -> Configuration -> General -> Wizkunde Packagist Configuration
  • Unfold the Private Packagist tab
  • Enter your Token in the "API Token" field
  • Enter your Secret in the "API Secret" field
  • Click "Save Config"

Optionally, you can set a specific prefix, if you plan to use different websites on a single integration

Step 3: Connect a Downloadable product to Private Packagist

  • Navigate to Catalog -> Products
  • Open up a Downloadable product which is also available in your Private Packagist Organization
  • Unfold "Packagist"
  • Set the packagist extension key in "Packagist Package"

You're done! When a customer purchases the extension, he will get instructions to install with packagist instead! These instructions can be found directly on the account dashboard