Semantria API client built on top of Guzzle 3

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Last update: 2022-01-08 03:26:52 UTC


PHP SDK for Semantria API (http://semantria.com).

This SDK is NOT official, heavily inspired by intercom-php and by official Semantria PHP SDK

We developped and maintain this library for our own usage and released it open source (see LICENCE.md) if it could help. Semantria and its API belongs to Semantria.

Basic usage

Remember to include the Composer autoloader in your application:

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

// Application code...

Configure your access credentials when creating a client:

use Semantria\SemantriaAuthClient;

$semantria = SemantriaAuthClient::factory(array(
    'consumer_key'      => 'my-consumer-key',
    'consumer_secret'   => 'my-consumer-secret',
    'application_name'  => 'my-app',
    'use_compression'   => false

    'id'    => 'foo',
    'text'  => 'This method queues document onto the server for analysis. Queued document analyzes individually and will have its own set of results. If unique configuration ID provided, Semantria uses settings of that configuration during analysis, in opposite the primary configuration uses. Document IDs are unique in scope of configuration. If the same ID appears twice, Semantria overrides existing document with the new Data.'

$semantria->getDocument(['document_id' => 'foo']);


Run bin/phpunit


Resources this API supports:

Uri Methods
https://api.semantria.com/configurations GET
https://api.semantria.com/documents GET POST


See LICENCE file.