Complete library for interacting with Oracle databases

1.0.4 2014-04-29 09:36 UTC



download this repository or install via composer. Put this line in your composer.json file.

require {
    "winkbrace/oracle": "master-dev"

After running composer install -o edit the config.php file located in the root of this library with your database connection information.


You can enable the option to log each query in config.php. The QueryLogger implementation is currently defined in the bootstrap file.


If you want to run the test suite, first execute the sql script located at


Make sure you create a _log folder inside the tests folder if that is missing. I keep the logs outside version control. The coverage report will be created in this folder at tests/_log/coverage/index.html

If you are running these tests on windows, make sure you have ansicon installed to see colored output.

To run all unit tests, there are two convenient helper batch files (on Windows only)

  • unit.bat: run all tests and create html coverage report. (slow (4 secs))
  • t.bat: run all tests except those in the @group database and without the coverage report (fast)

To run only 1 test set type for example:

t StatementTest.php