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Provides an interface for you to generate thumbnails of things in the CMS. Adapters can be used to extend the functionality to thumbnail videos, PDF documents, etc.

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Do you need to crop your images for art direction purposes?

Perhaps this is for responsive design, or perhaps you're tired of CroppedResize, PaddedResize, Square and general centre-based resizing functionality in SilverStripe that doesn't quite meet your image cropping needs.

Maybe CropperField is for you. Whilst it's called CropperField, that's just the user interface. Behind the scenes, a clean and extensible architecture allows you to crop almost anything - external URLs, documents, video frames, etc..

For the field itself, the frontend is powered by Cropper v0.7.5 by Fengyuan Chen.

Warning: Under development / alpha. Do not use unless you are prepared to contribute!


  1. composer require willmorgan/silverstripe-cropperfield
  2. Specify a version constraint.
  • While this module is in heavy development, you probably want to use ~0.X or similar.


The field currently looks like this in a CMS setting.

Screenshot of the field


  1. Specify a $has_one Image relationship on the object that should own the cropped image.
  2. Specify an image based UploadField whose image you wish to crop.
  • Only UploadField is supported right now. Non-images will break. Sorry.
  1. Create an AdapterInterface implementor to pass into your CropperField
  • See [1]; the adapters are generic enough for you to supply anything - as long as there's a File object backing it (regardless of whether it exists).
  1. Set some options, if you so desire.
  2. Happy cropping.


In this example, a configuration like this has been set up:

$has_one = array(
	'MyBigPhoto' => 'Image',
	'MyArtDirectionCrop' => 'Image',

Inside a getCMSFields call, or similar:

$uploadField = new UploadField('MyBigPhoto', 'Big Photo Uploader');
$cropperField = new CropperField\CropperField(
	'Cropped Image',
	new CropperField\Adapter\UploadField(

You can now use $MyArtDirectionCrop in your template as you would any other image (i.e. you can use $ResizeRatio, $Square, etc.)

The initial benefit is the CMS user gets to specify the true focus point of a potentially high resolution image, and you / your frontend team can reuse that base cropped image responsively, be it using srcset, picture + source, etc.


You can set these options on the CropperField to get some control over your CMS users' actions.

Option name Value example Default value Description
aspect_ratio null or positive float, like 16/9 null The aspect ratio you want generated cropped images to have.
crop_min_width Positive integer, like 256 256 The minimum dimensions a crop can be, in px.
crop_min_height Positive integer, like 256 256
crop_max_width null or positive integer null Maximum dimensions a crop can be, in px.
Blank by default because this restricts the art direction somewhat. If you wish to limit the actual generated size of the cropped image, set generated_max_* instead.
crop_max_height null or positive integer null
generated_max_width Positive integer, like 512 512 The maximum dimensions a generated image can be, in px.
If the crop is above this, then it will be downscaled according to the declared aspect ratio, or the implied aspect ratio if one is not specified.
generated_max_height Positive integer, like 512 512

Supplied Adapters

  • CropperField\Adapter\UploadField for image based upload fields

Supplied Croppers

  • CropperField\Cropper\GD for GD installations
  • Imagick coming soon


  • Templates: you can easily customise the template used - just override CropperField.ss
  • You can write your own croppers (say, for Imagick).
    1. Implement the CropperInterface
    2. Either set it on a per-instance basis using CropperField->setCropper()
    3. Set it in YML, overriding CropperFactory.cropper. The factory uses Injector for DI.


  • While Cropper is able to support browsers as old as IE8, the CropperField CMS UI has been tested only in Chrome.

Similar modules

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* As a sidenote, I'd appreciate you taking the time to let me know why


  • SilverStripe CropperField is released under the BSD License; however, please note:
  • Cropper v0.7.5 is released under the MIT license.

Built by

Will Morgan, who is available for hire.