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This package provides pman, the PHP manual in *nix style man pages, via Composer and Packagist.


  1. This package SHOULD be installed globally:

    composer global require willdurand/pman:dev-master

  2. Then, add $COMPOSER_BIN_DIR to your $PATH.

$COMPOSER_BIN_DIR is often ~/.composer/vendor/bin, but it may be different depending on your operating system or configuration. Also, it is important to use such a path and not directly, .composer/vendor/bin.


  1. First, you have to fetch the documentation. This can be done time to time or only once, but it MUST be run at least once.


This script relies on Docker. In case you want to clear Docker's cache, you can pass the --no-cache option to this script:

sync-pman --no-cache
  1. Run pman to display documentation (like you would do with man):

    pman strlen


I stumbled upon this article (and a few others as well), explaining how to leverage K command in vim. I decided to use this command rather than my plain old way to display PHP manual entries.

I don't use PEAR on my system, that is why I relied on Docker to fetch the PEAR package. Also, adding a script to fetch (and synchronize) the documentation rather than versioning all the files (as done here) seemed better to me.


(willdurand's) pman is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details. Note that pman, the original package from PEAR, has its own license.