Declare database migrations and factory definitions inside Laravel models.

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Laravel Model Migrations

This package is a continuation of legodion/lucid which is no longer available

This package allows you to declare database migrations and factory definitions inside of your Laravel models.

Running the lmm:migrate command will automatically apply any changes you've made inside your migration methods to the database via Doctrine DBAL. If using the HasNewFactory trait and definition method, it will use the returned array inside the definition method to seed with when using the -s option.

The lmm:migrate command will also run your file-based (traditional) Laravel migrations first, and then your model method migrations after. If you need your model-based migrations to run in a specific order, you may add a $migrationOrder property to your models with an integer value (default is 0).


Require this package via Composer:

composer require will2therich/laravel-model-migrations


Use the HasNewFactory trait, and declare migration and definition methods in your models:

use Faker\Generator;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use Illuminate\Database\Schema\Blueprint;
use will2therich\LaravelModelMigrations\Traits\HasNewFactory;

class MyModel extends Model
    use HasNewFactory;

    protected $guarded = [];
    protected $migrationOrder = 1; // optional

    public function migration(Blueprint $table)

    public function definition(Generator $faker)
        return [
            'name' => $faker->name(),
            'created_at' => $faker->dateTimeThisMonth(),



Apply the changes inside your migration methods to your database:

php artisan lmm:migrate {--f|--fresh} {--s|--seed}

Use the -f option for fresh migrations, and/or the -s option to run seeders afterwards.

Making Models

Create a model containing the migration and definition methods:

php artisan lmm:model {name} {--r|--resource}

Use the -r option to create a Laravel Nova resource for the model at the same time.

Making Nova Resources

Create a Laravel Nova resource without all the comments:

php artisan lmm:resource {name} {--m|--model}

Use the -m option to create a model for the Nova resource at the same time.