Fast streaming RDF serializer

v1.0.8 2021-06-17 14:47 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-06 05:12:03 UTC


Purtle is a fast, lightweight RDF generator. It provides a "fluent" interface for generating RDF output in Turtle, JSON-LD, XML/RDF or N-Triples. The fluent interface allows the resulting PHP code to be structured just like Turtle notation for RDF, hence the name: "Purtle" is a contraction of "PHP Turtle".

The concrete classes implementing the common RdfWriter interface are:

  • TurtleRdfWriter outputs Turtle
  • JsonLdRdfWriter outputs JSON-LD
  • XmlRdfWriter outputs XML/RDF
  • NTriplesRdfWriter outputs N-Triples

The PHP code would look something like this:

$writer = new TurtleRdfWriter();

$writer->prefix( 'acme', 'http://acme.test/terms/' );

$writer->about( 'http://quux.test/Something' )
  ->a( 'acme', 'Thing' )
  ->say( 'acme', 'name' )->text( 'Thingy' )->text( 'Dingsda', 'de' )
  ->say( 'acme', 'owner' )->is( 'http://quux.test/' );