Docker based development environment for Symfony applications.

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Last update: 2023-01-02 10:21:18 UTC


Docker based DEV environment for symfony projects. Similar to what Laravel Sail is to Laravel.


  • docker and docker-compose running locally.


Create new Symfony project

Use the create-project.sh helper script to create a new symfony project. It will use the symfony command to create a new project and install the required dependencies.

curl -s 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiet-at/symfony-dev/main/bin/create-project.sh' | bash -s -- [options] [--] <directory> [<symfony-cli-args>...]
directory                            Directory of the project to create
symfony-cli-args                     Pass additional arguments/options to Symfony CLI (requires -- to be used)
--project-version[=PROJECT-VERSION]  The version of the Symfony skeleton (a version or one of "lts", "stable", "next", or "previous") [default: "stable"]
--full                               Use github.com/symfony/website-skeleton


curl -s 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiet-at/symfony-dev/main/bin/create-project.sh' | bash -s -- --full my-project

Add to existing project

Use composer to install wiet-at/symfony-dev as dev dependency.


Symfony Flex should have copied all required files. Check your .env and adjust it accordingly to your needs.
IMPORTANT: If you change the COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME afterwards, new docker containers will get created and you will lose your database for example.

The SD_LOCAL_IP will be the IP address to which the containers will bind their port forwards. You can use any IP addresses inside
When, for example, using you can access the application under


Symfony Flex should have installed bin/dev-cli. This is a proxy script which forwards specific commands (see "Known commands") to the correct docker container. All other commands will get passed directly to docker-compose.

Start development environment

To start all services just run the following command:

bin/dev-cli up -d

This basically runs docker-compose up -d. You don't need to use the -d flag and also can pass other flags which you normally would pass to docker-compose.

Known commands

For easy of use there are some commands which will get executed inside the correct docker container automatically.

  • php
  • symfony
  • composer
  • node
  • npm
  • yarn

You can use those commands the same way you would normally do, just prefix them with bin/dev-cli.
To install the symfony/monolog-bundle using composer you have to run following command:

bin/dev-cli composer require symfony/monolog-bundle