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Content management system made for Laravel.

You can expand indefinitely, without any dependencies whether to include it in your modules that you will create a content management system get more from. It's an easy system by integrating the theme you want to use.

Drag and drop your content is created with your contact you can build your pages by adding fields.

No boundaries and dependencies!

One site offers the possibility of using more than one theme. You can use the theme that you want on the page you want.


After doing a laravel installation

composer require whole/core

By running the command, CMS Package you can install.

under the config directory app.php providers in the field in the file


After Adding The Line On The Command Line;

php artisan whole:install

You Can Proceed With The Installation By Running The Command.

(By the configuration of the database before proceeding with the installation. ".env" file, make sure you do the necessary changes with respect to the database)

For example, the theme "cat template" Download

After logging in to the administration panel, "extensions > template Manager" to install the template. Select The Template That You Have Added In Global Configuration Settings.



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