This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

The We Provide Translation Bundle for Symfony incorporates the JMS/TranslationBundle into the Sonata/AdminBundle.

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Last update: 2023-07-22 13:25:50 UTC


The We Provide Translation Bundle for Symfony incorporates the JMS/TranslationBundle into the Sonata/AdminBundle. Both bundles are awesome but do not work together out of the box. Using this bundle you'll be able to extract and manage your translations through the easy-to-use admin.


This bundle is developed with a Symfony Standard Edition on PHP 7.1 using We Provide's version of valet. Obviously it has dependencies to other projects and/or bundles. Below a list of dependencies, please use the installation guides of these bundles first.


Install this bundle into your project using Composer.

composer require weprovide/symfony-translation-bundle

Enable the bundle by inserting it in your Symfony's AppKernel.php.

// app/AppKernel.php

// ...
class AppKernel extends Kernel
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            // ...

            new WeProvide\TranslationBundle\WeProvideTranslationBundle(),

        // ...

    // ...

Import the global config of this bundle in your project's config.yml.

    - { resource: "@WeProvideTranslationBundle/Resources/config/config.yml" }

Configure your locales and translation files folder in your config.yml.

    # defaults to 'en' if not set, you can use strings like 'en' or a parameter
    default_locale: '%locale%'
    # required, array with locales you wish the manage
    locales: [en, nl_NL]
    # optional, array with (paths of) your bundles to extract translations from
    # if omitted, extracts from your complete project 
    translate_bundles: [YourAppBundle]
    # optional, location where translation files will be written
    # if omitted, '@WeProvidePortalBundle/Resources/translations' will be the target
    resource: '@YourAppBundle/Resources/translations'


In production or other non-debug environments the translations stored in YML are only updated when the cache is cleared. This bundle provides a command to clear cache when a translation has been changed. It's safe to execute or set this command as cron.

php bin/console weprovide:translation:recache --env=[prod,stag,dev]

You can schedule an extraction of translations from the admin interface. This will not extract the translations directly because this can take a long time. Instead set the command below as cron to do actually execute the scheduled extraction. This will also clear the cache after extraction.

php bin/console weprovide:translation:reextract

You can use the command below to extract the translations.

php bin/console weprovide:translation:extract


This bundle has been released under the MIT license and open for improvements, please share your thoughts which will be much appreciated.