Data Transfer Objects with validation for Laravel applications

v3.5.2 2024-05-28 11:33 UTC


Validated DTO for Laravel

Validated DTO for Laravel

Data Transfer Objects with validation for Laravel applications

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Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) are objects that are used to transfer data between systems. DTOs are typically used in applications to provide a simple, consistent format for transferring data between different parts of the application, such as between the user interface and the business logic.

This package provides a base DTO Class that can validate the data when creating a DTO. But why should we do this instead of using the standard Request validation?

Imagine that now you want to do the same action that you do in an endpoint on a CLI command per example. If your validation is linked to the Request you'll have to implement the same validation again.

With this package you define the validation once and can reuse it where you need, making your application more maintainable and decoupled.


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composer require wendelladriel/laravel-validated-dto



Check the Contributing Guide.